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How do I mark a location's inventory as frozen or damaged?

Say you have a single large item in location 101-010A and notice the box has been damaged by a fork lift.  To prevent allocation of inventory from this location during fulfillment, you have the option of marking the location's inventory as damaged.  A common mistake we've seen people make is attempting to do this from the location table.  The proper place to change a location's inventory status is in the Inventory Status Mobile Floor App.  

Start by navigating to the Inventory Status Mobile Floor App and input the desired location. You may also access the Inventory Status app after scanning a location via the Location Inquiry app.

Next, select the new status for this location's inventory.  In this case we are selecting Damaged but other options are Frozen and Available.

The location's inventory now has the status of Damaged and cannot be allocated to orders during fulfillment.  Once the damaged inventory has been repaired or replaced, simply go back through this app and choose the Available status.  

For more information, please see our Knowledge Base article and a short video on the subject.

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The above is the answer.

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The above is the answer.

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