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Easy Search in User List

I'm in the user list to update/delete/add warehouse users for Steve.  

Obviously this isn't something folks will be in constantly, plus it's an internal function so lower priority, but maybe the ability to search by Name or Email address would help with finding a user you want to update/delete. 

Unless I'm missing something, the only way now is to scroll up & down looking for the record you need.  


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Thanks for the suggestion. I understand how that would definitely make finding users much easier (especially if you have a really long list). And you are correct, currently there is no way in the application to do this. A workaround I would suggest ( until this is added) would be to take advantage of your Ctrl F function on your computer's keyboard (Cmd F on MAC) that will give you the ability to perform a search on any page. You can then enter the name you're searching for and that function will locate it for you. In the meantime, I will get this added to our engineering queue as a feature request. I hope that helps! Thanks Angela!
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