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New item set up- question

Is there a way we can add the master record default to this system so that the items that have red dots (and the two under vendor that do not have red dots but are required- reorder point and lead time) will auto populate like it all does in the old system?  We are not accustomed to filling these out and therefore have to cheat from another item already in the old system to know what goes in there.


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Thanks Kianna!  I appreciate the help!  

If the default is already built in IPC, Infoplus will respect this behavior and those fields should automatically populate because of this. So once an LOB is entered into it's field, all of the defaults that is associated with the previously built record will automatically populate into those required fields. So to give you an example, when I create the record, and add my Item number, nothing happens however once the LOB field is populated, all of those required fields should populate (if set up).

You may want to check that-  it did not work yesterday on inv 367.  there were things I had to manually enter (including all of the above in the details screen you display above) but also things in the purchasing screen and I believe operations-  NONE of these auto populated.  I had to go to the old system- pull up a "like" item and copy what I could find from that master record- and fake the rest.  Please let me know- maybe someone forgot to add default records for 367? 

Thanks and advise.   

Ideally the behavior would be to automatically pull this information in as you build new items in Infoplus. I will look into this to see why this isn't happening for this LOB. I will go ahead and convert this into a support ticket so that we can communicate through that channel. Thanks!


Thanks Kianna!  I appreciate the help!  

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