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Submit/Proof/Buffer Page for Cancel Work

Meant to submit this months ago.  Can we have a proof-type page for the Cancel Work option?

It's scary-easy to cancel, too easy.  Would be nice to have that buffer page with a Submit button 

to give visibility to what exactly is being cancelled in case you chose the wrong batch/ticket.  

Similar to creating least creating replen tickets...where you get to see what's about to happen. 

If any other actions are immediate like cancelling work, probably wise to have a proof page there as well.  


Thank you for your request Angela. I will add this to our Continuous Improvements engineering queue!

Thank you for considering this & making it happen!

No problem Angela, thanks for your suggestion and for helping to make Infoplus better!

Overdue thanks for implementing this.  Been noticing how much better it is to have a chance to be certain I'm cancelling the right work tickets.  Very happy with the update!

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