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The ability to change an LPN to damaged status

Hi all.  I believe this is last related to damaging LPNs?  Ops would like to make this a request -- the ability to change an LPN to damaged status.  The reason is the very nature of an LPN, it's a first step in putaway, but it might be 24+ hours before relocation to an actual location.  To illustrate the problem, you have one person doing the initial receiving of three boxes.  One is found to be damaged and can't be put with the other two.  That's two LPN locations, one with a damaged box that isn't designated as such except as a notation jotted on the putaway ticket.  The three boxes are sitting on the floor waiting for a different person to do the actual putaway to real locations a few hours later.  That person may or may not notice the notation, may or may not remember to damage the location as final step after putaway.  It all depends on manual jotting & noticing & remembering, rather than being done in the system from step one in the process.  If the LPN can be damaged by the first person, that carries thru to the final location without further intervention.  

If this can be considered as an update to receiving, that would be appreciated.    Thanks!

I can definitely see this as being useful. I have logged a feature request ticket with engineering and will update you if it's added to a development sprint. Thanks!

Hey Angela,

Great news, you are able to mark inventory on LPNs as Damaged.  To do so, you will use the Change Inventory Status on Infpolus' Modern Mobile Floor Apps.  Here is the knowledge base article explaining how to do this in depth.  



That IS great news -- I'll spread the word.  

Thanks, Joel!

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