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Full LOB Velocity Listing (active items)

Please enable whole inventory velocity report/listing of active items. 


This is a great report, it is useful in a variety of ways.  Not only does it give Operations a look at what the top moving items are but also allows you to have visibility to how those items were picked - how many locations, how many cases, how many times.

Curious - are there any additional pieces of data you would like to be able to see contained in this report?

Since I'm only using a portion of the columns on the IPC version for the replen we're doing now, it might be best to let Steve have a look.  

As of this week, he & Dee have me looking at that report for case usage per week by doing a formula to get 60 days of usage, with cases divided by 8.  For ALL 3100 inventories.

They're planning on revamping how some of replen is done.  

Also, a couple of ASMs have asked about it for their purposes.  I think Darren used it for his own reasons, Barb was looking at it for a client to use.  

So this one might get a lot more than just Operations activity!  

Steve says the IPC version has everything he currently needs.  No promises that there won't be a request to add something, though!  It's already being used slightly differently than 6 or 8 months ago for replenishment.  As long as any new version contains the same should be A-Okay.  

But I understand it might be a long while before it's available in new system.  

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