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Add tags to multiple orders

Tags are a great tool for grouping multiple values together that have some sort of association with each other and accessing those values quickly. 

Perhaps you have 50 random order numbers that are not to be processed and you need to make sure no one processes the orders. Here are some steps that can achieve this:

  • From the Orders table, click on the Order No search field 
  • Select Include Only and click on the Edit link
  • Type your order numbers directly into the text box using the enter key after completing each order value 
  • If you have a spreadsheet or a list of order numbers, you can click on the Bulk Add link and copy and paste these values into the tex box and click ok 
  • Once you have these orders selected, they should populate the orders table  
  • Bulk tag these orders (From the table, click Actions < Bulk Tag)

The tags will be applied to all of the records that were selected. Tags can also be applied to other records within Infoplus (Items, Locations, etc). 

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