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Smart Filters for VIP customers

Here's how to send a different packing slip to VIP customers (Customers with orders that are at least $500) with a message that offers them 20% off of their next purchase:

  • Set up a custom packing slip template with the desired image and text before beginning this process.
  • Create a smart filter in the Order table, and search for customers who have orders that total <= $500 (Status: On Order, Total: Greater than equal to 500)
  • Name and save the smart filter (Let's call it VIP customers)
  • Create a new trigger that will tag every new Order placed that is at least $500 upon insert based on this smart filter's criteria
  • Add "Change Packing Slip template" to this trigger and select the customized template.

Perhaps you would like to create a report based on the VIP customers to send new customers a separate mailer thanking them for their purchase weekly:
  • Use the smart filter VIP customers (above) and add or remove your desired columns and click save.
  • Click on subscriptions, and complete the form (email address/s to send to and subject, select a date and time, let's say Monday at 9:00 am)
  • Once you click Save, you will receive an email every Monday at 9:00 am (according to my selection) a report of all VIP customers.
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