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Return all damaged items to customer

There was a request from a customer to return all of the damaged items back to them. This would require the warehouse to find all of the random damaged locations for this customer. This was able to be accomplished by creating smart filters and doing a little pre-work. Here is the recepe:

  • There was some upfront work to make those damaged locations available. In doings so there was a spreadsheet of all of the random locations (69 in this case)
  • Created and saved a smart filter in the Location table to Include Only the Locations from the spreadsheet. (Order > Locations > Include Only > Paste List)
  • An order was entered for all the items to send to customer
  • A fulfillment process was initiated, in setting the requirements for the fulfillment plan she used the location smart filter.
  • The warehouse was able to send all of the damaged inventory back to the customer¬†

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