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Change the parcel carrier for orders shipping to a PO Box

UPS requirements dictate that they will only accept shipments to valid street address and do not deliver to PO Boxes. The United States Postal Service (USPS) must be used when shipping to a PO Box.  However, orders shipping to a PO Box and a carrier of UPS may be loaded into Infoplus from an external source.  To address this, use triggers to change the shipping Carrier on orders that fall into this category.


  1. Set up a smart filter in the order table to find all orders that have a status of ‘On Order’, have a Ship To Street address containing 'PO BOX’, and have the carrier set to your applicable UPS account(s).
  2. Save the smart filter and name it something like "PO BOX orders - UPS".
  3. Change the parcel carrier for orders shipping to a PO Box via the Manage Triggers table, create a new trigger with a name like “Carrier update for PO BOX orders”.  
  4. Select the “PO BOX orders - UPS” smart filter that was created during the previous step, check the Update event box, and click OK to save the new Trigger.
  5. Create a new action for this trigger.  Select ‘Change Carrier’ in the Action Type drop down then fill in the Carrier Id of the USPS account which will vary from system to system.  Don’t forget to click the save button!

That’s all there is to it.  New orders that contain a PO Box in their Ship To street address and have UPS set as the Carrier will now automatically have their Carriers changed to USPS.

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