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View all unallocatable orders daily

Want to be able to have visibility to all of your unallocatable orders everyday? Here is a quick recipe to do this while using Infoblocks.

  • Set up a smart filter in the Orders table by creating a search criteria of all orders with the status of On Order and the tag ipsystem-dnf-ua which means Infoplus System-Do Not Fulfill-Unallocatable (this is a system tag that will automatically apply to orders that are not fulfillable)
  • Save and name this smart filter
  • Go to the Manage Smart Filters table and click on the star next to the filter to add it as a favorite. This will add this smart filter directly to your dashboard for quicker access

This gives you daily visibility to your smart filter and makes it easily accessible. If you would like to display your unallocatable orders on your dashboard or get a report for these orders below are a few other things that will make this smart filter visible:

To display on your dashboard:

  • Click on the gear icon (Manage Metrics) in the Metrics section on your dashboard
  • Click on the + sign to add a new metric
  • Choose the "Custom" option and choose to display either the Single Value or Single Value with Indicator (to learn more about what these mean click here to read the Knowledge Base article) and click Next
  • Choose the smart filter "Unallocatable" and choose this metric's name (this name automatically defaults to the filter name, but you can change this) and click Add
  • Your Metric for Unallocatable Orders is now displayed on your Dashboard
  • For an added amount of visibility, click on the Wallboard to see a full screen of all of the metrics that are setup on your dashboard

To create a User Report for unallocatable orders:

  • From the dot menu, locate and click on Manage User Reports
  • Click on Create New, Choose your smart filter, Name your report
  • Organize your columns in the order that you want by dragging with mouse and click "Okay"
  • From the "Manage User Reports" screen, click on the zero under the Subscriptions column
  • Select "Create New" and complete the form to setup your recurring emails for this smart filter and save
  • You will receive an email on your desired time and date with all unallocatable orders.

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