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Add a free bottle opener to all orders that are shipped to California

Here's a recipe for a promotion that will give California customers who buy at least 2 bottles of wine a free bottle opener.

  • Set up a smart filter in the Order Line table to search for the Ship to State of California, with a status of On Order, for SKU 1234 (Napa Valley), with a Order Qty of greater than or equal to 2.
  • Save that smart filter and name it Free Bottle Opener
  • In the "Manage Triggers" table create a new trigger based off of the Free Bottle Opener smart fiilter, name it "Add Bottle Opener"(or whatever you chose)
  • Add the "Add Item" action on the trigger (chose my bottle opener: sku BOTTLEOPENER) and select to run the trigger upon Insert

Every time a customer purchases 2 bottles of Napa Valley wine, they will get a free bottle opener all month. Infoplus also has a way for customers to define a time parameter for triggers, click here to learn more about that.

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